Sibetan’s Snake Skin Fruit

Don’t spend the whole time of Bali holiday at the beach. It is time to open the eyes that Bali has so many attracting attractions more than just the beach. East Bali hides 1.125.000 hectare of snake skin fruits (salak) plantation. Not really unique? Here in this village the travelers can do trekking while picking up snake fruit directly from the trees and see how the villagers create Wine Salak.

Sibetan. That is people of Bali call this heaven of snake skin fruit. Situated on Bebandem district, Karangasem regency, Sibetan is a rural area, 400-600 meter above sea level, in which the weather is so pleasant between 20o-30o C. Obviously there is no luxurious Bali resort or bali villas there. If there was Bali resort it seems the travelers need not to stay even just for one night here since the well-maintained salak’s farm could be explored within a day. Or should the travelers stay here the local people have spare room.

Sibetan is really unique. In other areas where plantation is growing, people’s homes will be built outside the farm. It is very normal. However, several of Sibetan people’s homes are standing amid their salak farm. So when the travelers decide to do trekking they may be surprised finding that salak plantation is the garden of the house. And for the travelers, picking up salak directly from the trees is allowed. The travelers are provided with 15 varieties of salak in which the most famous variety is Salak Gula Pasir.

1.125.000 hectares of salak plantation on the harvest time is kind of blessing gift. There will be a lot lot of salak ranging in variety. Sibetan villagers seem always have creativity that they never let those salak rotting. They turn salak to be other valuable products such as: dodol, salak chips, and fantastic salak wine.

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